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Negative pressure fixed transfer stretcher VMA-0A00

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Model VMA-0A00
Type Vacuum fixed system
Brand Landswick


Negative pressure fixed transfer stretcher operation video

Product Features and Advantages

· Unique patented multi-cavity fixation technology, negative pressure rapid shaping

· Environmentally friendly and degradable TPU material, wear-resistant and high-elastic, and good recycling

· Can maintain negative pressure state for more than 48 hours in atmospheric pressure environment

· Does not affect X-ray, CT, MRI examination

· Multi-point fixation to ensure safe transfer

· The product can release the negative pressure state within 8 seconds, from hard to soft

Vacuum Immobilized First Aid Transport System Applicable Scope

Pre-hospital emergency transport and immobilization

· Applicable to 120 emergency centers, industrial and mining, military, sports, airports, fire brigades, traffic accidents, maritime rescue, earthquake rescue, rescue and rescue organizations, etc., for the injured parts of the body (head, neck, limbs, trunk, spine, etc. )   fixation and transfer, to minimize the secondary trauma caused by handling by nonprofessionals and emergency situations. Prevent the broken end of the fracture from stabbing muscles, nerves, blood vessels or organs, so as to avoid the pain, bleeding and even shock of secondary trauma.

② In-hospital emergency transport and immobilization

· Suitable for emergency department, surgery, radiology department, etc.

· TPU material can penetrate without affecting the inspection results