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Electricity powered CPR AHS 200 series

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Model AHS 200 series
Type Electricity powered CPR
Brand Landswick

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Electricity powered CPR operation video

Product features and advantages

· Fully complies with the latest standards of "2020 AHA Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Cardiovascular First Aid Guidelines"

· Apply the world's leading electric and electronic control technology to achieve high-quality and precise chest compressions

· The compression frequency and compression depth are accurate and stable and are not affected by the patient's thoracic reaction force. It can provide a variety of compression and ventilation mode options, and has a variety of compression depth options

· Dual battery power supply system with patented technology, during the working process of the equipment, the backup battery can be replaced without stopping the machine

· The precise pressing design with patented technology can effectively reduce the probability of sternal fracture in patients

· Can be adapted to patients who are not under weight control, and can be adapted to most patients

· Easy to install and operate, can be put into emergency work quickly, making on-site cardiopulmonary resuscitation a reality for one person

· Including a portable backpack, small in size and easy to carry, the weight of the device including batteries is less than 7kg

· Bluetooth connection function, compression and ventilator synchronization, automatic completion of compression and ventilation without manual participation

Product performance

① Safe and reliable

· With low battery power reminder function

· Equipment abnormality/fault prompt function

· Can work normally in extremely cold and hot environments from -15°C to +60°C

· Waterproof and dustproof grade : host IP43; battery IP44

Multi-configuration, multi-purpose

· Portable configuration with multipurpose backpack

· Dual battery power supply system, during the working process of the equipment, the spare battery can be replaced without stopping the machine, which can not only use the battery alone, but also use the vehicle and mains power supply, completely getting rid of the problem of air source guarantee

· Can be fixed on various boarding stretchers and transfer stretchers, suitable for various emergency transfer environments

Flexible operation , easy to carry

· Simple structure, can be put into emergency work quickly

· Small size, easy to carry, weight less than 7kg including battery

Product main technical parameters and configuration

Main technical parameters of AHS 200 series

AHS 200A

AHS 200B
Press drive mode: electric electric control

Compression frequency: >100 times/min
Press release ratio: 1:1 (50%:50%)
Pressing depth: 0-3.6cm, 0-4.6cm, 0-5.6cm; three levels adjustable
Compression mode: 15:2, 30:2, continuous compression, CCV modeManual ventilation
Suitable for chest patients: chest thickness ranges from 13.3 to 30.3cm; width up to 47cm
Power supply type: support AC and DC power supply
Battery working time: >120 minutes, can replace the backup battery without stopping the machine
Configuration: 1 set of host, 1 back panel (including airway opening pad), 2 rechargeable lithium batteries, 1 set of power adapter, 1 portable backpack, 1 negative pressure suction cup, 1 battery charger (optional)